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  1. Ronja's rating of the film Wooden Crosses

  2. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film Wooden Crosses

    I went through a great deal to find this but it seemed more like a rehash of All Quiet. Solid cinematography though.

  3. Diderot's rating of the film Wooden Crosses

    It's remarkable to me when movies like this get praised as "anti-war" masterpieces. This is the kind of poetic romanticization of war, even admitting its horrors, that keeps the "soldier" in place as the (ideologically) true hero of society. Critical quibbles aside, it's one of the best photographed war films I've seen. They still praise movies for doing exactly what this film does (i.e. Dunkirk).

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film Wooden Crosses

    >>> Certainement un des films français les plus réussis sur le douloureux sujet. Francesco Rosi, Joseph Losey, Stanley Kubrick, Lewis Milestone, Howard Hawks n'ont souvent pas fait mieux dans la dénonciation de l'horreur...

  5. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Wooden Crosses

    THE movie about WWI. Masterpiece.

  6. Algitya's rating of the film Wooden Crosses

    ;(( So eerie... sorta remind me of 'Brute Force' but this might become the brutest scenario since then. Should be watched back-to-back with 'All Quiet...'

  7. Alex Delarge's rating of the film Wooden Crosses

    I just recieved Criterion's Bernard set today which includes the 5 1/2 version of Les Mis and Wooden Crosses. I can't wait to viddy them!

  8. patrick Boissel's rating of the film Wooden Crosses

    Probably the best war movie ever made and a beautiful adaptation of the novel.

  9. Matt Hartwell's rating of the film Wooden Crosses

    That was extremely upsetting. The last ten minutes are one of the most brutal sequences any person could ever be asked to watch, and the battles have a terrifying energy in them that wasn't seen again in film until Saving Private Ryan. I'm very glad that was on display for the festival. Now I want to track down Bernard's Les Miserable.

  10. krisjkondrad's rating of the film Wooden Crosses

    Way better than All Quiet on the Western Front, making it the definitive world war 1 movie?Gritty, harrowing and desperate even. A war movie that makes me not want to go to war. One of my favorite war movies period. (Oh Yeah. .Paths of Glory is better but it's a ww1 film made after ww2 so in a different classification. Wooden Crosses is great though.)

  11. Antoine Tremblay's rating of the film Wooden Crosses

    Just finished watching this powerful, intelligent film. People in here have already told everything that has to be said, just can't wait to watch another of Bernard's film. 5 stars.

  12. Jay a.k.a. 6FOOT's rating of the film Wooden Crosses

    Such a dark, depressing movie that accurately depicts war. I absolutely loved it!

  13. Stephen's rating of the film Wooden Crosses

    This is just one of the best war films ever. It stands out as an example of how effective early visual effects could be. The film is a wonderful anti-war statement as well and way ahead of its time. I am so glad Criterion/Eclipse put out the Bernard set because this and his version of Les Miserables are just brilliant. 'Wooden Crosses' easily went into my top 20 of all time after the first time I saw it.