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Stinking Heaven

Regissert av Nathan Silver
USA, 2015
Komedie, Drama
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In the early 1990s, a mysterious new person’s arrival at a safe house for recovering addicts leads to its turbulent demise.

Vår mening

Filmed on a bygone video camera, Stinking Heaven immerses you in the darkest crevices of the 1990s: a rehab commune housing a coven of colorful yet caustic personalities. A lucid vision of Sartre’s assertion that “hell is other people,” written with an utmost sincere sense of anarchy. Oddly sublime.

Stinking Heaven Regissert av Nathan Silver Se nå
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The result is an atmosphere of almost unbearable intensity where, as in the work of Jacques Rivette, “real life” and performance mingle, giving the distinct impression that the potent onscreen drama must have reflected the off-screen drama of how the film was made.
December 11, 2015
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A tale of rehabbed junkies shot on junky, rehabbed video equipment, Nathan Silver’s Stinking Heaven is a singularly bleak smash-up psychodrama. Silver’s fifth completed feature since 2009 comes in at a slender seventy minutes; he works at a brisk clip, and like the much larger filmography of South Korea’s Hong Sang-soo, Silver’s work thus far can be experienced as a series of evolving drafts, reworkings that give the feeling of working toward something rather than acting as a testament.
December 10, 2015
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The latest feel-strange indie from Nathan Silver (Uncertain Terms) is the visual and emotional equivalent of curdled milk: yellow-tinted, clumpy, and queasy. Though advertised as a black comedy, this Betacam-fuzzy and largely improvised ensemble piece is more unpleasant than amusing, despite the bitter laughs promised by the setting—a crumbling sober-living commune in Passaic, New Jersey, circa 1990.
December 10, 2015
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