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Argentine Film Critics Association Awards

  1. The Departed

    The Departed

  2. Volver
    Best Foreign Film, Spanish Language


  3. Paraguayan Hammock

    Paraguayan Hammock

  4. Chronicle of an Escape

    Chronicle of an Escape

  5. Family Law
  6. El custodio
  7. Agua


  8. Born and Bred

    Born and Bred

  9. Chicha tu madre

    Chicha tu madre

  10. Cheese Head

    Cheese Head

  11. The Hairy Tooth Fairy

    The Hairy Tooth Fairy

  12. Meanwhile
    Best Actress


  13. L'enfant


  14. Paradise Now

    Paradise Now

  15. The Method

    The Method

  16. Monobloc
  17. Pact of Silence

    Pact of Silence

  18. Tapas


  19. La demolición

    La demolición

  20. My Best Enemy

    My Best Enemy

  21. Jews in Space

    Jews in Space

  22. Turtles Can Fly

    Turtles Can Fly