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Torino Film Festival

  1. Old Joy

    Old Joy

  2. Honour of the Knights
  3. These Encounters of Theirs

    These Encounters of Theirs

  4. Klimt


  5. The Guatemalan Handshake
  6. Back Home
  7. The Teacher
    Cinema for Peace (CinemAvvenire Award)

    The Teacher

  8. Broken Trail
    Filmcritica Bastone Bianco Award

    Broken Trail

  9. Stories From the North

    Stories From the North

  10. The Prestige of Death

    The Prestige of Death

  11. Day After Day

    Day After Day

  12. Notes by a Trackman

    Notes by a Trackman

  13. The Pavillion Salamandre

    The Pavillion Salamandre

  14. Private Life

    Private Life

  15. The Last Man

    The Last Man

  16. Hell