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Toronto International Film Festival

  1. Princes and Princesses

    Princes and Princesses

  2. 101 Reykjavík
    Discovery Award

    101 Reykjavík

  3. Freedom


  4. Vengo


  5. Bamboozled


  6. Merci pour le chocolat

    Merci pour le chocolat

  7. Pollock


  8. Blackboards


  9. With a Friend Like Harry

    With a Friend Like Harry

  10. Angels of the Universe

    Angels of the Universe

  11. Faithless


  12. Paragraph 175

    Paragraph 175

  13. Scarlet Diva

    Scarlet Diva

  14. Maelström
    Best Canadian Feature Film - Special Jury Citation


  15. Burnt Money

    Burnt Money

  16. The Goddess of 1967

    The Goddess of 1967

  17. Comedy of Innocence

    Comedy of Innocence

  18. State and Main

    State and Main

  19. Bread and Tulips

    Bread and Tulips

  20. Séance


  21. Rape Me

    Rape Me

  22. Bread & Roses

    Bread & Roses

  23. The Widow of Saint-Pierre

    The Widow of Saint-Pierre

  24. Les destinées

    Les destinées

  25. Chinese Coffee

    Chinese Coffee

  26. Possible Worlds

    Possible Worlds

  27. Tigerland


  28. The Town Is Quiet

    The Town Is Quiet

  29. The Foul King

    The Foul King

  30. Ivansxtc


  31. Durian Durian

    Durian Durian

  32. Chunhyang


  33. Ali Zaoua: Prince of the Streets

    Ali Zaoua: Prince of the Streets

  34. The Long Holiday

    The Long Holiday

  35. Dr. T and the Women

    Dr. T and the Women

    Nu op MUBI
  36. Fast Food, Fast Women

    Fast Food, Fast Women