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Foto van Jeanne Lapoirie
Foto van Jeanne Lapoirie

Jeanne Lapoirie

“I like the freedom that zoom lenses provide : being able to slowly zoom in during a shot, being able to change focus quickly without having to wait for a change of lens, and even being able to change focal lengths within a shot if needed, in function of the shot’s events. That gives a documentary-like aspect to the film, and you can stick with the focal length you’ve chosen, but if something happens unexpectedly, you’re ready for it. And as I’ve already said with regard to my previous films, I like the unexpected things that can happen during shooting and I want to be ready to capture them.”

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    Sophie Letourneur Frankrijk, 2014

    Schrijfster-regisseuse-actrice Sophie Letourneur maakte indruk in de Franse filmwereld als auteur voor feminisme. Haar nieuwste film, met in de hoofdrol Lolita Chammah (dochter van Isabelle Huppert!), is zowel slapstick-komedie als zachte romantiek: een moeilijke les in eenzaamheid of gezelschap.

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    Pedro Costa Frankrijk, 2001

    A masterpiece about the making of a masterpiece, this crepuscular portrait of Straub-Huillet’s creative process has been described by Pedro Costa as both his first comedy and his first love story. Intimate and illuminating, it’s an indispensable lesson in filmmaking from three titans of cinema.


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