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8 Million Ways to Die

Geregisseerd door Hal Ashby
Verenigde Staten, 1986
Misdaad, Thriller


During his recovery through AA, a detective meets a mysterious stranger in trouble. In trying to help this beautiful woman, he must enter a world of prostitution and drugs to solve a murder, while resisting the temptation to return to his alcohol abuse.

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8 Million Ways to Die Geregisseerd door Hal Ashby


Maybe if the execs hadn’t taken the final cut away from Ashby he could have sculpted the footage into something like a beautifully dissociated, bifurcated seesaw between an alcoholic’s grievous miscalculations and his assessment looking back from the sanctuary of Alcoholics Anonymous. As it stands, it’s still a remarkable, appropriately messy slice of spiritual autobiography, seldom less than alive and surprising (how many movie gangsters have kept a full snow cone bar in their trunk?).
September 18, 2017
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