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A Chinese Odyssey - Part Two: Cinderella

Sai yau gei: Sin leui kei yun

Geregisseerd door Jeffrey Lau
Hongkong SAR van China, 1995
Fantasie, Komedie, Romantiek


Now stranded five centuries into the past, Joker becomes reacquainted with the importance of the Longevity Monk’s journey to help suffering people, and finally agrees to become the Monkey King again and complete the journey to the west with his master.

A Chinese Odyssey - Part Two: Cinderella Geregisseerd door Jeffrey Lau

Prijzen & Festivals

Hong Kong Film Awards

1996 | 2 nominaties waaronder: Best Actor

Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards

1996 | 3 overwinningen waaronder: Film of Merit


It’s an unexpectedly profound blend of wacky comedy and existential melancholy. It’s the acme of the mo lei tau genre, the high point at which its absurdity becomes elevated to something like a philosophy of life.
August 12, 2019
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