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A Hidden Life

Geregisseerd door Terrence Malick
Verenigde Staten, Duitsland, 2019
Biografie, Oorlog, Drama


Based on real events, this is the story of an unsung hero, Franz Jägerstätter, who refused to fight for the Nazis in WWII. When the Austrian peasant farmer is faced with the threat of execution, it is his unwavering faith and his love for his wife Fani and children that keeps his spirit alive.

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A Hidden Life Geregisseerd door Terrence Malick

Prijzen & Festivals

Cannes Film Festival

2019 | 2 overwinningen waaronder: Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

Independent Spirit Awards

2020 | Genomineerde: Best Feature

A Hidden Life creates an oppositional force to these images. Just as Franz’s actions are incalculably diffusive, driving his oppressors into confusion and, hence, thought, so the film shakes the spectator from being a passive receiver into an active thinker.
January 17, 2020
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In this current moment of rampant demagoguery and encroaching political and cultural fascisms, Malick’s message is potent.
December 26, 2019
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Malick demonstrates the same interplay of banal citizenship and banal spirituality that blurs straight thinking and stymies good faith today. No wonder secular critics love it.
December 24, 2019
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