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Beatrice Cenci

Geregisseerd door Lucio Fulci
Italië, 1969


A young Italian noblewoman plots with her lover and her family to murder her abusive father leading to an uproar in the community and the Roman Catholic church set in 16th Century Italy.

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Beatrice Cenci Geregisseerd door Lucio Fulci


The unusual structure is part of the terse line bridging Dreyer and Russell’s The Devils, the rough, handheld camera keeps discovering El Greco angles (The Burial of Count Orgaz is cited more than once). Legend has it that the spectral Beatrice Cenci returns every year carrying her decapitated head, but Fulci knows that the living are much more terrifying than the dead, and in his telling the glow that hits the heroine at the close is not illumination, but the chilling sunlight of the gallows.
October 20, 2010
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