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Black Panthers

Geregisseerd door Agnès Varda
Frankrijk, Verenigde Staten, 1968
Documentaire, Korte film


Deze film is gemaakt in de zomer van 1968 in Oakland, Californië. Het speelt zich af tijdens de bijeenkomsten van de Black Panthers party. De missie was om Huey Newton, een van de leiders, te bevrijden en zijn rechtszaak in een publiek debat te veranderen. Hun roep om aandacht was succesvol.

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Black Panthers Geregisseerd door Agnès Varda
Even now this film is a vital primer on local political history, by default a sobering comparative account of so-called progress since it was made, and all the more engaging for Varda’s palpable eagerness to understand a uniquely American (and Californian) strain of activist pushback against authoritarian oppression. Whether or not she regretted missing out on the political upheavals in France in 1968, she certainly seized the opportunity to broaden her perspective here.
August 19, 2015
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It is a casually electrifying account of Black Panther Party rallies and demonstrations. The Panthers’ physical bearing and political analysis made them the big story that season on the Bay Area left (or so it seemed to me as an undergraduate new to California with a summer job in the Ramparts magazine mailroom), and Ms. Varda nailed it.
August 06, 2015
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More conventionally structured, but equally inquisitive and exceedingly urgent, the following year’s Black Panthers forgoes the playful formal measures of Uncle Yanco in favor of observational energy and objective tact.
August 20, 2015
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