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Bright Future

Akarui mirai

Geregisseerd door Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Japan, 2002
Drama, Mysterie


Enigmatic Mamoru lives alone with his poisonous, hauntingly luminous jellyfish. When he is arrested for murdering his boss, a young co-worker who has a secret crush on Mamoru starts caring for his jellyfish and befriends his father with an aim to become his surrogate son.

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Bright Future Geregisseerd door Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Like most of Mr. Kurosawa’s films, “Bright Future” casts its spell by drawing out the horror of everyday existence bit by bit, and then tossing in some otherworldly weirdness that makes the hair on the back of your neck try to run for cover.
November 12, 2004
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There is a profound beauty and an exhilarating sense of mystery to the jellyfish in Bright Future, but at the same time it embodies Kurosawa’s melancholy, even despairing vision of the yawning, unbridgeable chasm separating his characters from each other.
July 26, 2004
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Kiyoshi Kurosawa presents a hauntingly enigmatic, poetic, and understated portrait of rootlessness, apathy, and disconnection in Bright Future.
January 01, 2003
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