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Divine Intervention

Yadon ilaheyya

Geregisseerd door Elia Suleiman
Frankrijk, Marokko, 2002
Drama, Romantiek, Oorlog


E.S. cares for his ailing father in Jerusalem whilst conducting an affair with a Palestinian woman living in Ramallah. Barred from moving between the two cities, the lovers are forced to share their intimate moments in the shadow of an Israeli army checkpoint.

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Divine Intervention Geregisseerd door Elia Suleiman


Whatever your politics — and the film’s use of wish-fulfillment superhero fantasies about Arab women destroying Israeli checkpoints and death squads can seem uncomfortable — the movie was clearly unique and engaged and offered a fresh take on political cinema. Perhaps Suleiman was influenced less by Tati’s Playtime, which his long-take long-shots do evoke, and more by Roy Andersson’s Songs from the Second Floor (2000), which also harnessed Tati technique.
April 19, 2014
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