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Four Bags Full

La traversée de Paris

Geregisseerd door Claude Autant-Lara
Frankrijk, Italië, 1956
Komedie, Drama, Oorlog


Based on Marcel Aymé’s novel, this is one of Claude Autant-Lara’s very best movies, a deceptively simple tale of Grandgil (Gabin), a famous artist, and Marcel (Bourvil), a cab driver, lugging black market pork across occupied Paris at night.

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Four Bags Full Geregisseerd door Claude Autant-Lara

Prijzen & Festivals

Venice Film Festival

1956 | Winnaar: Best Actor (Volpi Cup)

BAFTA Awards

1958 | Genomineerde: Best Foreign Actor

Set during the Nazi occupation of France, this caustic satire (1956) has had its admirers, including Francois Truffaut (who otherwise vilified its director, Claude Autant-Lara, as a “cinema of quality” hack). Comedian Andre Bourvil shows emotional range and excellent timing as an unemployed taxi driver turned black marketeer…
October 04, 2013
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It’s a beloved film at home while being virtually unknown elsewhere, and you might have to be French to get all of its gibes and contextual riffs, but the stars lock into a splenetic pas de deux (Gabin was rarely this energetic, especially at this age), and the teeming cast of combative schemers around them are a blast.
May 23, 2013
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Although the odd-couple dynamic between Marcel and Grandgil is established immediately, it never exhausts itself, as Autant-Lara subtly uncovers new ways for the twosome’s interplay to reveal underlying themes of class and privilege; the filmmaker further enhances the friendship’s thematic implications with a third-act reveal that, like most of the film’s surprises, was always there to begin with, but not meant to be taken seriously at first.
May 23, 2013
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