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Beoordelingen & Recensies

  1. Matt Reddick's rating of the film Full Contact

    A lot more fun than the "...On Fire" movies, for me. Refreshing to see a gay character without dozens of homophobic slurs thrown around.

  2. Glim Ho's rating of the film Full Contact


  3. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Full Contact

    If Hong Kong-era Woo's action setpieces are ballet in their graceful orchestration, while To's are operatic in their dramatic class, then Lam's is rock n' roll: loud and rebellious, but performed from the heart and soul. Full Contact is the merging of the over-the-top trash of B-films with the stylistic class of an auteur. It isn't unique and is melodramatic in its telling, but Lam's style rocks your socks off. Hard.

  4. Martin De Martin's rating of the film Full Contact

    Ma quanto è rock'n roll questo film? Fin dall'incipit (con Simon Yam che si accende la sigaretta usando il dito come accendino) è un continuo susseguirsi di situazioni esageratissime. Un noir ironico ma tosto e spietato al punto giusto, ricco di soluzioni visive entusiasmanti. Le ultime due-tre inquadrature andrebbero montate in loop e mostrate nelle scuole di cinema. Ringo Lam, torna a fare film, ti prego.

  5. Clifford Terry's rating of the film Full Contact

    One of the best Ringo Lam films. They don't make them like this anymore.

  6. ElTigreNegro's rating of the film Full Contact

    Simon Yam steals the show from Chow Yun Fat.

  7. Zachary T.'s rating of the film Full Contact

    Truly awesome HK flick set in an alternate universe where 1986 never ended, everyone dresses in leather and owns a motorcycle, strippers are ethical and fighting is so graceful, you'd swear you're watching the cast of West Side Story duke it out. It's like "Drugstore Cowboy"-era Gus Van Sant directed a punk-rock heroic bloodshed movie. Gritty, sexy, character-savvy filmmaking.

  8. Easton Dubois's rating of the film Full Contact