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Verenigde Staten, 2012
TV-serie, Komedie, Drama


A comedy about the experiences of a group of girls in their early 20s. Six seasons, and 62 episodes in total.

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Girls Geregisseerd door Lena Dunham, Jesse Peretz, Richard Shepard ...

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  • chanandre's rating of the film Girls

    Never watched a tv series i would have wanted this bad to have created. Most episodes are cringe-y only cos i related waay TOO much with the characters, namely Hanna's. On HBO - home to The Sopranos, The Wire & Curb Your Enthusiasm this was the only one that was met with equal measures of hate & love. This is her creative Everest. Bechdel, female agency, dreams & flaws, Feminism 3.0 for all, y'all. This had it all. ❤

  • smndvdcl's rating of the film Girls

    At its best, 'Girls' is a progressive and self-deprecating depiction of post-adolescent disillusion. From hipster ennui to sexual dysfunction, Dunham's millennial amalgamation is acerbic, fresh and warts-and-all in its dramatic approach. Like with Vincent Gallo, the danger with this transparency and vulnerability (ie. Dunham's 'Not That Kind of Girl' autobiography), it reveals the blurred lines of its writer.

  • jxn's rating of the film Girls

    2017 seemed to be the year everyone could gather together and set aside the fact lena dunham is still...lena dunham to openly enjoy the final season of this show. the first season (although it took me about 3 times to watch it) was such great tv, the rest is mostly just to make you feel better about myself that you're not as annoying as most of these people. or at least i hope i'm not.

  • Adam Whybray's rating of the film Girls

    3.9 stars. I'm very glad I watched this with my sister who could explain all the fashion choices to me. Poor Shoshanna got sidelined, Adam's emotional development abruptly halted at season 4 and, considering the show is called 'Girls', Ray & Elijah were the most likable characters. At its best, perceptive w/r the sheer messiness of relationships, even while the show's writing shifts erratically from self-aware to not

  • zohen lux's rating of the film Girls

    some philanthropist is currently uploading on yt a supercut of girls featuring every adam drive scene. this is the type of shit that warms my heart. PEOPLE ARE GOOD AND KIND. sure, we love to hurt and kill and will probs be blown up into space in a few yrs due to nuclear war and become nothing but radioactive dust but at least this supercut exists. humanity was worth it

  • ruipsoliveira's rating of the film Girls

    SEASON 1 ★★★★ | SEASON 2 ★★★★ | SEASON 3 ★★★★ | SEASON 4 ★★★★ | SEASON 5 ★★★★ | SEASON 6 ★★★★ __________________________________________ GIRLS ★★★★

  • Yumi Kaioh's rating of the film Girls

    This made a lot of sense in my mind when I started watching it. I was still a young girl without plans in my life, smoking cigarrettes, reading books and thinking about being a writer one day. Now I have a plan of being a woman in the future: just a woman, a grown up who can have a balanced humor and a calm life. These characters helped me a lot.

  • MLSoares's rating of the film Girls

    Lena Dunham is a lot of things, but a great writer is one of them. "American Bitch" is probably the best hour of television I've ever seen

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