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Grand Central Murder

Geregisseerd door S. Sylvan Simon
Verenigde Staten, 1942
Film noir, Misdaad, Drama


A convict being escorted in for retrial escapes at Grand Central and threatens his old girlfriend on the phone. She flees for her new beau’s private railcar at the same station. When she is…

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Grand Central Murder Geregisseerd door S. Sylvan Simon

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  • SpacePirate's rating of the film Grand Central Murder

    Excellent fast paced noir featuring a veritable whos who of 40s noir stalwarts. Heflin is the ringleader here, but there is great supporting work all around, particularly Tom Conway, who essentially plays his Falcon character as if he were a baddie. I liked how this ones no frills no fuss, very similar to the later Detour, where its all about the plot twists and turns. Youll be guessing whos the killer up to the end.

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