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Beoordelingen & Recensies

  1. Selin Yasdikcioglu's rating of the film Head Burst

    Eventhough it was a sad movie, showing it in way that Savas Ceviz showed us, we saw someone that suffers from pedophilia very closely, and the given traits to the character were nice to see.

  2. riraru's rating of the film Head Burst

    Unter welchem inneren Druck können pädophile Menschen stehen? Max Riemelt spielt das Leiden unter dieser Krankheit intensiv, schon fast angestrengt überzeugen wollend. Die anderen wirken recht hölzern; eigentlich wirkt der ganze Film distanziert, mit seiner Materie fremdelnd: Es ist harter Tobak.

  3. saitosouta's rating of the film Head Burst

    "Kopfplatzen" is the destigmatization of pedophiles through intense introspective, cold observation and medical conversation in a delicate way, but I'm utterly imrpressed that this film is about the despair "We are born in this world" and "Living a life is destined to hurt other people" while I'm always thinking about despair, so I sympathized with this protagonist's suffering tremendously even if I'm not pedophile.