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Geregisseerd door Amat Escalante
Mexico, Frankrijk, 2013
Drama, Misdaad, Romantiek


Tijdens de zoektocht naar zijn vader, die op mysterieuze wijze is verdwenen, komen corruptie, drugshandel, seksuele uitbuiting, liefde, schuld en wraak wel heel erg dichtbij Heli.

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Heli Geregisseerd door Amat Escalante
Escalante masters the vibe by being both meticulously realist — he uses digital sleights of hand, as we know from Los Bastardos, but you can’t see them — and coolly observational. Heli is nothing if not a piece of controlled moviemaking.
June 11, 2014
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At one point, a young boy whips out his cell phone to film a victim being tortured with fire and thinks out loud about the idea of uploading the footage to YouTube. It’s that self-projected artifice—that daily routine to dilute the horrors of one’s reality—which is what’s really striking about Heli. Lots of drug films have shocking violence, but few observe the nameless people at the peripheries of the screen’s frame and examine their ways of coping with their environment.
October 30, 2013
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Heli may go further than [its Mexican contemporaries, Miss Bala and La Jaula de Oro] in the severity of its conclusion or the hideousness of its violence… Throughout, Escalante demonstrates astonishing command of mise-en-scene—not just in his intricate camera movements, but in the immersive realism he creates with his performers.
October 18, 2013
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