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Hungry Soul

'飢える魂 | Ueru tamashii

Geregisseerd door Yûzô Kawashima
Japan, 1956


Reiko, die het misbruik van haar 23 jaar oudere man tolereert, is bevriend met Mayumi, een mooie weduwe. Reiko ontmoet de zakelijke rivaal van haar man, een jonge en slimme zakenman, en ze valt voor hem. Ondertussen krijgt Mayumi een relatie met Shimotsuma, een vriend van haar overleden echtgenoot.

Hungry Soul Geregisseerd door Yûzô Kawashima

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  • josé neves's rating of the film Hungry Soul

    PC. The relationship of gradual approximation between Yôko Minamida and Akira Kobayashi is established by expectant plastically striking scenes, contrasting with the rest of the film, although in the last sequences, the two stories of the two women protagonists are articulated through parallel editing in a remarkably tense way. A very clear film about gender politics in traditional Japanese society.

  • Alpai's rating of the film Hungry Soul

    Başarılı bir film. Savaş sonrası Japonya’daki toplumsal değişimin ve değer çakışmalarının güzel nir yansıması olmuş. Katharsisi yoğun bir film. Ayrıca 1950’lerin kyotosunu 1. Elden görme şansı ediniyorsunuz.

  • Sonia Marybel's rating of the film Hungry Soul

    Un clásico del cine japones, las primeras vivencias de las mujeres en un mundo de post-guerra.,por sus derechos. El comienzo de todo, una viuda ,mujer trabajadora, osada , independiente , que lucha por el amor y organizar su vida nuevamente y se encuentra con la represión y agresividad de sus hijos. La mujer joven casada con un hombre mayor , un déspota, agresivo , grosero. Ninguna consigue romper ese círculo .

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Hungry Soul

    Beginning with a wonderful metonymy when in the surgical operation table it is not only the female body that suffers from dissection but also women as social selves due to the perpetuation of patriarchal norms in various guises, including also female guilt, Kawashima's film is a paragon of economy of storytelling, punctuated by poignant imagery (public baths and the aquarium effect) and by a bitter sense of despair.

  • PAIGE VERMEULEN's rating of the film Hungry Soul

    The waves hitting the rocks on the beach at night time, forbidden love raged inside both the married lady and the mysterious bachelor with a promise to end a loveless marriage. How can a beautiful young woman stand to be with a man 30 years older. A love triangle with secret hope between two obsessive lovers.

  • sean_lh.wong's rating of the film Hungry Soul

    Similar themes across his work, the bar, the suicide, and everything in between people in desperate attempt to love each other but struggles. But like Ozu, they mastered the way of making tofu, identical but always have the eye of beauty to bring fresh to their newest work.

  • Jason's rating of the film Hungry Soul

    "There is only desire and the social and nothing else." Many years ago I shared that precept from Deleuze & Guattari w/ a film scholar who suggested it explained why he & I both liked Sirk so much. Melodrama remains ever popular due to the ubiquity of our experience of societal constraint. Kawashima's films are stacked w/ socially conditioned sets of relation, the fastidiousness remarkable from an artist so prolific.

  • EdieMaas's rating of the film Hungry Soul

    Smart stylish classic 50s melodrama about two women down on their luck, except actually it's patriarchy. Good sweeping covid excapism. 3.75

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