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Ici et ailleurs

Frankrijk, 1976


Godard, Miéville and Gorin (aka the “Dziga Vertov Group”) examine the parallel lives of two families – one French, one Palestinian – using an exploratory combination of film and video.

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The film that Godard and Miéville would produce in the wake of Until Victory’s failure, released to small and largely hostile audiences in 1976 as Ici et Ailleurs, is a radical, acerbic, and completely remarkable work of deconstructive self-criticism, and if it’s not remembered as a great film, if it’s indeed remembered at all, it should still stand, for Godard, as an important first step away from propagandistic abstraction and toward a recalibrated, newly reenergized approach to filmmaking.
June 22, 2012
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As a first document of Godard and Miéville speaking together in the first person and representing their personal and artistic relationship, the film is an important step in Godard’s artistic reconstruction. As a political film, it is a work of propaganda, not inquiry.
May 13, 2007
The marriage of form and upheaval remains dysfunctional, but the film has the elation of hope: When Anne-Marie Miéville’s voice joins in to complement, question, and undercut the Godard-Gorin collage, there is the unmistakable optimism of mutual dialogue trumping proletyzing harangue, and pushing forward.
February 11, 2007
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