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  1. Kendrick Eustaquio's rating of the film Il Divo

    Servillo's face is like an abstract painting, every wrinkle carries some hidden intention. So is Italy's political system with it's surface level legitimacy yet underhanded scheming. Incisive monologues, bon mots and cinematographic compositions with hints of metaphorical surrealism, in Sorrentino flair the banalities of powerful old men are rendered into a Scorsese-esque cynics fable. If only it wasn't so universal.

  2. L.A.™'s rating of the film Il Divo

  3. Eyvind Venske's rating of the film Il Divo

    Un film molto bello con uno dei rendimenti più belli mai visto di un attore: Toni Servillo come Andreotti è grandissimo ed è un capolavoro suo. Per di più questo film mostra la fragilità del sistema politico italiano, specialmente negli Anni '90.

  4. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Il Divo

    4.5 – I actually sympathised with him. I think that's easier when you're not left-wing (which I am not); of course, I'm not right-wing either, so the scenes of opulence and the power-struggles were as unappetizing. An incredible performance. Nosferatu in Italian politics. His line about being of humble origin, and thus more interested in cultural acceptance over the legacy of a statesman, hit deep.

  5. Ojog O.'s rating of the film Il Divo

    fell asleep halfway thru. but but but but man.... the cinematography is pure bliss.

  6. Paolo Simeone's rating of the film Il Divo

    Even though it is probably the best effort by Sorrentino, right behind L'Uomo in Più, I couldn't help but cringe, between quotes of Montanelli and Scalfari, at this grotesque depiction of a dangerous man. You could hear the director fapping at his own sterile intellectualism especially in the final scenes with the wife and with Cossiga. There's more riot goin' on in my cappuccino than here. This is just smugness.

  7. Marco B.'s rating of the film Il Divo

  8. Alix Aubert's rating of the film Il Divo

    j'ai rien compris mais c'était vachement beau

  9. Andrea Greco's rating of the film Il Divo

    ★★★★★You will see it by hook or by crook

  10. misu's rating of the film Il Divo

  11. Catherine Abecassis's rating of the film Il Divo

  12. Tommy Fantini's rating of the film Il Divo

    3,5 - A cross-section of both political and Italian black history. Great Toni Servillo who plays very well Giulio! This film makes you understand that he lived for politics and for his sarcastic jokes! A rich director ... who gets you drunk ... pleasantly!

  13. ceknklsn's rating of the film Il Divo

    47/100 (Biraz sağcıları aklayalım ne olacak sanki mantığıyla hazırlanmış malesef Sorrentino'ya yakışmayan ısmarlama bir film. "mafyayla bağlantıları olmasa iyi insanlar yaaaa" kafası tüm dünyayı yaktı ama akıllanmayıp 21.yy da bunu sanata dönüştürenler var. Ayrıca filmde o kadar isim geçiyor ki hepsini hafızasında tutan varsa ödülü almalı. Kısacası kimse o sikimsonik isimleri bilmek zorunda değil.)

  14. vic's rating of the film Il Divo

    Politics Italian Style. Sorrentino, Bigazzi, and Servillo can do no wrong. However, really difficult to follow due to the immense amount of characters and plot lines.

  15. Masoud Einabadi's rating of the film Il Divo

  16. alfredodimalo's rating of the film Il Divo

  17. lou.'s rating of the film Il Divo

    «Livia, sono gli occhi tuoi pieni che mi hanno folgorato un pomeriggio andato al cimitero del Verano. Si passeggiava, io scelsi quel luogo singolare per chiederti in sposa – ti ricordi? Sì, lo so, ti ricordi. Gli occhi tuoi pieni e puliti e incantati non sapevano, non sanno e non sapranno. Bisogna amare così tanto Dio per capire quanto sia necessario il male per avere il bene. Questo Dio lo sa, e lo so anch’io».

  18. miles's rating of the film Il Divo

    Seen 3 Sorrentino films, and they all just look amazing. The story was so so in this but need to watch it again for sure.

  19. smndvdcl's rating of the film Il Divo

    Sorrentino is definitely an acquired taste, but 'Il Divo' remains a magnum opus to rival anything by Elio Petri, Federico Fellini, or more contentiously, Bernardo Bertolucci.

  20. Oussssama's rating of the film Il Divo

    One star for the cinematography, and the other for my Toni

  21. Violet Rien's rating of the film Il Divo

    Interesting, but it just scratches the surface.

  22. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Il Divo

    Masterful direction. Beautiful to watch. Some of the politics were lost on me, but the visual storytelling was quite grand.

  23. David R Williams's rating of the film Il Divo

    The beauty and elegance of carnage and corruption. Flawless.

  24. HOB96's rating of the film Il Divo

    The filming was interesting... Reminded me a little of what David O. Russel did in films like American Hustle.