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Geregisseerd door Dario Argento
Italië, 1980
Horror, Thriller


De semi-opvolger van Suspiria. Een Amerikaanse student in Rome en zijn zus in New York onderzoeken een reeks moorden in beide locaties. Hun huisadressen zijne echter het domein van twee heksenkringen.

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Inferno Geregisseerd door Dario Argento
A surreal and disorienting way to spend the witching hour this weekend.
March 08, 2013
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I first saw Inferno back in the ‘80s, when being disappointed by a Dario Argento movie meant something entirely different than what being disappointed by a Dario Argento film means today. . . . Inferno is a great pleasure for me to revisit, because it really is, as Argento goes, pretty damn good after all. One of the things that makes it good is the fact that there’s barely any dialogue for the first twenty minutes.
October 05, 2010
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The luscious Suspiria is rightfully lauded as his most tightly composed widescreen pleasure . . . yet upon this week’s viewing, Infernoseemed to me to be his most consistently gorgeous—it’s basically an endless series of dazzlingly colored and framed compositions, and it glides from one terrifying set piece to the next with devil-may-care fleetness.
October 25, 2007
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