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Beoordelingen & Recensies

  1. DrFirestone's rating of the film Island

    An uncomfortable reminder about how fragile and temporary our existence is. The film is a bit uneven and fragmentary - it mostly shows acceptance of death and devastating progress of terminal cancer, while other elements of the struggle end up completely omitted. Nonetheless, some of the scenes and words (especially from Alan) are truly powerful. A subtle and intimate approach to this very sensitive matter.

  2. Nicole's rating of the film Island

    "Time is a peculiar thing. It's just a way of chopping up a period so that we know where we are and when we are." Tough to watch but words like this stick out, sometimes you wonder if people only think of these things during their last days.

  3. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Island

    Un filme profundamente humano en el abordaje de la muerte. Nicholas Ray fue documentado, en su proceso de deterioro y muerte, por Win Wenders; en Colombia, Luis Ospina hizo algo similar con Lorenzo Jaramillo, un magnífico pintor. Los tres filmes comparten un respeto profundo por el dolor, por la enfermedad, por un sufrimiento que se expresa poco con el llanto y mucho con la aceptación de lo inevitable. Qué gran filme

  4. Raine's rating of the film Island

    We don’t respect death enough. We treat it like it’s not universal, like it’s dirty. It’s not. There is dignity. We should be more honest about it.

  5. mis marg's rating of the film Island

    Hard subject,- & kudos to all who took part. Something we all need to confront, and if we can't look a bit ahead, as this film helps us to, how do we? Brave families in this, how amazing is Alan whom we see right to the end, appreciating the eternal now, the angelic realm, and a loved one coming to soften the way to that appointment with the other side.The lady was so sad and lonely. No one came. Heart wrenching.

  6. Iulian's rating of the film Island

  7. nanako's rating of the film Island

    A long take shoot matches the time in which people in this movie live, and it's not our busy time. We are not comfortable with this slow time flow, but we have to face that. The camera is very objective(sometimes cruel), and this objectivity helps us to confront death.

  8. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Island

    A look at four individuals coming to the end of their lives, Island works best when observing the most private moments that you would not normally see, unless directly affected by such a situation. And it's not director Steven Eastwood being morbid or intrusive. It's just showing how different people deal with their mortality, which can in turn perhaps help viewers process some complicated thoughts and emotions.

  9. Erik F.'s rating of the film Island

    An unflinching examination of uncomfortable but important subject matter: our corporeal transience, the tragic decaying of terminally ill bodies, and the equalizing finality of death. (If you appreciate this, then you should definitely see Allan King's documentary "Dying at Grace.")

  10. Ramon Colom's rating of the film Island

    Una película sobre la muerte pero...llena de vida. Emocionante

  11. Artyom Yakovlev's rating of the film Island

    "Island" must be among the toughest films I’ve ever seen. It’s not death that is tough; it’s the process of dying. Seeing human body’s slow, gradual demise with pain and suffering is unbearable. The most devastating thing is that we can’t do anything about the fate's decision but succumb to it. As painful to watch as it may be, this film is an important statement that presents dying as an integral part of human life.

  12. Alex's rating of the film Island

    Wow. That was compelling.

  13. Sam Pittman's rating of the film Island

    This film was absolutely amazing. Despite me not being fully capable of relating to the topic of the film to that extent, I felt something while watching this film.

  14. Daniel Lubitsky's rating of the film Island

    Beautiful and thoughtful piece on death and acceptance. The Camera is used in amazing ways, choosing not to look away form real death or suffering but lingering on it letting the viewer think on the images they are seeing. They cant turn away or seek cuts for comfort, what is shown is uncomfortable. Its long static and ECU or LS shots make it a very thoughtful piece that uses the camera in remarkable ways.

  15. dionysus67's rating of the film Island

    'The Mouth Agape': Such is the territory explored in this powerful yet not easy to watch documentary. Rapid or slower, yet no less irrevocable, decay afflicts young and old alike and in the realm of the imminent 'last breath', what soothes the pain is not only palliative care, but also the strong belief in various forms of eternity: reconciliation with past loved ones, remembrance for the current loved ones. Hades...

  16. fgonzalezse's rating of the film Island

  17. Charlie Douglas-Hamilton's rating of the film Island

    Touching and intimate. However, some stories feel unresolved but I question whether that is selfish to want to know the full story as if this were a true narrative. It is really about Alan who bookends the film.

  18. Leo Troconis's rating of the film Island

    Island depicts the sensitive, enlightening journey of understanding that the last scenes of your final act are almost over, and the curtains are waiting to fall. Infused with a heavy load of realism and endearment, Eastwood takes a bold step in directing, pulling off an ode dedicated for the exponential growth of elders' wisdom.

  19. pikeyprincess22's rating of the film Island

    Not great, watched one old man (lovely man) pass away but the rest was just insight into 3 other peoples life who have cancer. Don’t know exactly how long they have left or really what cancer.. I don’t know, was just abit boring. As for the 4 lovely people. So so sad. Such lovely people :(

  20. littleyam's rating of the film Island

    Powerful film, thank you for making it.

  21. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Island

    Sad and a bit morbid, but definitely poignant as well. Documentary that offers no solutions or insight. It simply shows us the end stage of terminal cancer as it follows the final days of several patients as they reside in a hospital on the Isle of Wight. Not sure it did anything for me, but I appreciate the purpose of the filmmakers in bringing humanity to something that most of us simply look away from.