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Geregisseerd door Martin Scorsese
Verenigde Staten, 1974


Filmmaker Martin Scorsese interviews his mother and father about their life in New York and the family history back in Sicily.

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Italianamerican Geregisseerd door Martin Scorsese


It’s a small film with big aims—Scorsese only interviews two people, and clearly didn’t have to do a tremendous amount of searching to find them, but in its almost bratty simplicity it shows up so many contemporary nonfiction films, which often seem to exist only to document the exemplary or the culturally notable, and in their slavish obsession with their subjects’ import end up squelching the kind of resonance that Italianamerican casually exudes.
September 22, 2014
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[To say that it’s] visually beautiful or emotionally moving, to say that it feels psychologically “right” or to classify it as “a minor masterpiece,” is to be evaluative rather than descriptive, but how else to sum up a film that aims for immersion in fleeting, ultimately personal impressions, and demands such a personal response? It’s hard to satisfactorily explain why you will love this movie’s lush spacetime, though everything I’ll say in this essay will be in the service of explaining why you will.
August 04, 2008
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