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Geregisseerd door Larry Clark
Verenigde Staten, 1995


Een snelle hectische 24 uur in het leven van een groep tieners in de jaren ’90. De prachtige beelden van de beste beeldmakers ter wereld leggen hierin de schoonheid en de tragedie van de jeugd vast.

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Kids Geregisseerd door Larry Clark

Prijzen & Festivals

Independent Spirit Awards

1996 | Winnaar: Best Debut Performance

1996 | 3 nominaties waaronder: Best First Feature


Revisiting Kids for the first time since its summer 1995 release, I felt the same profound unease mixed with queasy admiration for Clark’s graphic depictions of adolescent lust and predatory smooth talkers as I did during my initial viewing. My appreciation for Clark’s provocative project, however, only grew once I considered the ludicrously sanitized versions of teenage sexuality that have dominated big screens for the past two decades.
June 14, 2015
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What I feel most, watching Kids in 2015, is that it is shallow. I mean this partly as praise. The shallowness is the key to the film’s ability to transport us into the world of its characters, as if participating in their refusal to think of consequences, to look beyond the here and now.
January 01, 2015
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[The] bullhorn salesmanship may have been a disservice, for the debut film from then 53-year-old photographer-turned-filmmaker Larry Clark also happened to be a work of art… The plot mechanics, crude but efficient, are of rather less import than the veracity of the blunted, slurred, off-the-cuff dialogue, city locations, and the actors themselves, nonprofessionals all.
September 20, 2013
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