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La vie au ranch

Geregisseerd door Sophie Letourneur
Frankrijk, 2010
Drama, Komedie


Pam is 20 jaar oud. Haar vriendinnen zijn altijd te vinden op de bank in de Ranch, het appartement dat ze deelt met Manon. Praten, drinken, roken, dansen: het hoort bij de leeftijd, maar soms moet je de groep ontsnappen om je eigen pad te volgen.

Chicks Geregisseerd door Sophie Letourneur


Through the cinema-vérité shooting style, effortlessly natural performances, and time-skip-aheads near the end, Letourneur effectively leaves you feeling like you’ve seen feminine youth itself encompassed within that hour-and-a-half—or at least her version of it.
October 28, 2010
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I loved La Vie au Ranch because it resisted the pull of a grand catharsis or some dramatic defining event, which would have lessened it, made it cliché. Instead, we relax and follow these girls around at such an intimate angle that by the end, we know them, their rhythms, quirks, flaws, humor.
March 09, 2010
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Ms. Letourneur’s film also bears a rare, even strange, stamp of authenticity.
November 09, 0212
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