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Geregisseerd door Michael Curtiz
Verenigde Staten, 1934
Drama, Romantiek, Misdaad


Abandoned by her lover, a woman becomes the main “hostess” in a decadent nightclub, but tries to put her past behind her on a steamer to Mandalay.

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Mandalay Geregisseerd door Michael Curtiz


When a bottle’s label indicates “poison for external use only,” you just knowsomeone will use it internally before the end credits roll. Because this is a Pre-Code drama, where California’s San Joaquin River stands in for the Irriwaddy, and Warner Oland stands in for an actual Asian person. Everything moves quickly (whip pans, crane shots) except for Kay Francis, who sashays into a colonel’s humid office in a white Orry-Kelly gown.
June 30, 2017
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