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Manuel on the Island of Wonders

Manoel dans l'île des merveilles

Geregisseerd door Raúl Ruiz
Portugal, Frankrijk, 1984
Familie, Avontuur, Fantasie


This three part French TV serial for children is the favourite of many devotees of Raúl Ruiz. It ties the enchantment and mystery of Lewis Carroll, Carlo Collodi and the Brothers Grimm to the filmmaker’s experiments with narrative strategies and what he calls the pentaludic model of storytelling.

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Manuel on the Island of Wonders Geregisseerd door Raúl Ruiz


This film for children is among Ruiz’s most complex works, hard to grasp in its totality. Often it can seem an arbitrary collection of free-associational images and words, bordering on nonsense. But attentive viewers will have the strong sense that there is method behind this near-madness. Otherwise, it could never produce the intense emotions it so clearly offers.
January 01, 2003
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