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Miracle in Milan

Miracolo a Milano

Geregisseerd door Vittorio De Sica
Italië, 1951
Komedie, Drama, Fantasie


This modern fairy tale tells of Totò who, found in a cabbage patch, is adopted by a wise and kind old woman named Lolotta. When she dies, he ends up in a shantytown on the outskirts of Milan. But the ghost of Lolotta visits him, and offers a special gift…

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Miracle in Milan Geregisseerd door Vittorio De Sica

Prijzen & Festivals

Cannes Film Festival

1951 | Winnaar: Grand Prize of the Festival

2019 | {award_and_section}

National Board of Review

1951 | Winnaar: Top Foreign Films


Miracle in Milan (1951) might seem De Sica’s most daring — a pure fairy tale (with a naïf hero initially found as a baby in a cabbage patch) that traffics in angelic intervention but is set entirely in a garbage-dump squatters’ camp, among Italians crafting huts out of refuse and being bulldozed for their troubles. De Sica hits the ironic balance — the mood is buoyant and satirical, but the social commentary comes packed in grenades.
September 08, 2015
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De Sica let his imagination run wild in the 1951 political comedy “Miracle in Milan,” a fantasy that’s filled with astonishing special effects and slapstick stunts. Its Chaplinesque star, Francesco Golisano—a superbly subtle physical comedian and another nonprofessional—plays Totò, a penniless orphan in a shantytown on the outskirts of the city.
September 07, 2015
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Vittorio De Sica’s 1951 follow-up to The Bicycle Thief welds a Rene Clair-inspired social fantasy to the precepts of neorealism.
January 01, 1980
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