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Geregisseerd door Steven Spielberg
Verenigde Staten, Frankrijk, 2005
Drama, Thriller, Geschiedenis


Five men are chosen to hunt down and kill the Palestinian terrorists responsible for taking eleven Israeli athletes hostage and murdering them following the 1972 Summer Olympic games in Munich.

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Munich Geregisseerd door Steven Spielberg

Prijzen & Festivals

Academy Awards

2006 | 5 nominaties waaronder: Best Motion Picture of the Year

American Film Institute Awards

2006 | Winnaar: Movie of the Year

National Board of Review

2005 | Winnaar: Top Ten Films


Whatever Spielberg’s divided loyalties to commercial versus serious filmmaking, he expertly combines the two in a fast-paced, finely tuned balance of action and debate, of zeal and reflection. Part of Munich’s appeal is the way it draws on basic genre mythology, the group dynamic of the war film or commando raid, with (in this case) each man representing a different shading of passion for and loyalty to the cause.
January 03, 2017
When it comes to the core of the story, Spielberg has only a single, guiding thought: that violence is a bad, bad thing, and that revenge killing merely begets more revenge killing (aka The Tarantino Alibi). But Spielberg takes his sweet time getting to that earth-shattering revelation.
February 01, 2006
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