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My Dinner with André

Geregisseerd door Louis Malle
Verenigde Staten, 1981
Drama, Biografie, Komedie


Twee oude vrienden: de een is een dramaturg/acteur, de ander is een theaterregisseur. Ze gaan samen uit eten en bespreken fascinerende levenservaringen.

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My Dinner with André Geregisseerd door Louis Malle

Prijzen & Festivals

The New York Film Festival


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Boston Society of Film Critics Awards

1982 | 2 overwinningen waaronder: Best American Film

Roger Ebert once marveled that the film was entirely devoid of clichés, a feat that has as much to do with its meticulous editing as it does with its script.
August 19, 2015
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My Dinner with Andre doesn’t fit the usual definition of a great movie, but it has an inexhaustible, omnidirectional confidence. It’s the most subliminal piece of magic realism—expansive, incantatory words jousting with monotonous matter—ever put on film. Playing amusingly distilled, intensified versions of themselves, Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn sprang this cantankerous cerebral doubles act—part doleful Vladimir and Estragon, part verbal Laurel and Hardy—on an unsuspecting world in 1981
July 05, 2015
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…This hypocrisy is the script’s absurdist joke, which director Louis Malle informs with the pathos of what might be termed quotidian tragedy. The role-playing gradually burns away to reveal two men opening up to one another, comparatively unguarded. Shawn grows more confident, challenging Gregory’s insidious self-satisfaction, while Gregory unmasks the longing driving his extraordinary orations.
June 12, 2015
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