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Blinde wegen

Phantom Lady

Geregisseerd door Robert Siodmak
Verenigde Staten, 1944
Thriller, Drama, Film noir


De ongelukkig getrouwde Scott Henderson spendeert een avond anoniem met een vrouw die hij tegenkomt in een bar. Wanneer hij thuiskomt, treft hij zijn gewurgde vrouw aan. Hij wordt hoofdverdachte in de zaak en elke poging om zijn alibi te verdedigen mislukt.

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Blinde wegen Geregisseerd door Robert Siodmak
Gaslighting was the subject of numerous American films in 1944. . . .  But Robert Siodmak’s Phantom Lady, with its ingeniously structured screenplay and whiz-bang direction, is the more devilish concoction, designed to keep the viewer in a perpetual state of unrest.
March 13, 2019
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I first saw the film in the late 1970s, when I was beginning to dive deep into jazz; I was immediately struck by its authentic atmosphere, its brazen conflation of near-ecstatic musical and sexual excitement, its perfectly paced editing and its sharp, shadowy, angled visuals. And I was also struck by the way form expertly complemented content.
April 17, 2015
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Siodmak’s lesser-seen masterpiece pushes noir into the realm of abstract nightmare, with Woody Bredell’s inky cinematography slowly erasing the defined outlines of a city. It’s a mystery that only gets hazier as it moves along, and its characters slowly regress from people to signifying types that find their clearest expression in scarcely concealed lust.
December 10, 2014
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  • Andre's rating of the film Blinde wegen

    Prime B- noir, shot on $2 sets and with plot holes you could drive a convoy of trucks through, but so evocative and nightmarish that it's irrelevant. Siodmak pulls an early coup with a stunning, inverted stalking scene that would have John Carpenter applauding, then one ups himself with a jazz seduction - cum nightmare that feels like a Grosz painting come to life. Ella Raines is excellent as the female shamus

  • Jenny Coldpussy's rating of the film Blinde wegen

    One of the best thrillers I've ever seen. One scene encapsulates the essence of this nerve-racking, diabolically crafted film: Ella Raines, all thin and delicate, follows a crook through dangerous dark alleys, wearing high heels and holding nothing but her purse, yet her eyes glaring with a killer determination that almost makes us believe that the crook is the one who's in danger.

  • Diderot's rating of the film Blinde wegen

    A remarkable little thriller. Ella Raines has a hell of a screen presence. The fascination of this movie is that it's not suspense driven. Its mode is to give away the secret so you can stop wondering about plot and start wondering about what goes on behind people's faces.

  • josé neves's rating of the film Blinde wegen

    As Caligari and the murderer of M, psychology is a twisted effect that mirrors the film's soul, its form, and like Nosferatu, it's by the light that the killer gets wounded. The "Caligarism" in a perfect assumption of its aesthetics and themes, with two prodigious and absolutely cinematic sequences: the chase to the bartender at night and the jazz jam-session, this one particularly unparalleled.

  • "Mother" Gin Sling's rating of the film Blinde wegen

    Masterpiece. It is so modern... Two scenes left me wordless: the jam session sequence (the editing is so sensual and feverish) and the sequence in which the detective and the killer talk about the madness of the murderer (the mirrors break the image of the killer, conveying his insanity).

  • pepoire's rating of the film Blinde wegen

    Ella Raines!! Her acting and movement has a totally natural confidence about it that I just want to cocoon myself in. The movie becomes progressively sillier but is no less good for it, imo.

  • Jake Cole's rating of the film Blinde wegen

    The noirish dream of a woman who pines for her boss. People appear and bloodily disappear to realign matters in her favor, though at one point the artifice of her fevered construction threatens to consume her as well. Then again, being trapped in her blatantly theatrical set with her concocted killer is almost less troubling than the happy ending that crackle on repeat in a runoff groove.

  • Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Blinde wegen

    A proto-giallo? While it doesn't have the black-gloved killer or death scenes of the later sub-genre, there is something about this story of a bystander taking on the role of amateur-sleuth to investigate a grisly murder - as well as the subsequent confession of the killer, whose grip on sanity has unravelled into tortured exposition - that recalls the practicalities of Argento. Siodmak’s imagery is at its peak here.

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