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Pi (1998)


Geregisseerd door Darren Aronofsky
Verenigde Staten, 1998


A paranoid mathematician searches for the numbers that will unlock the great pattern of the universe—and is pursued by both a Hasidic cult and a Wall Street firm who want the secret.

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Pi (1998) Geregisseerd door Darren Aronofsky
The mix of self-consciously ragged visuals and ephemerally doomy vibes is potent stuff, and, paradoxically, the cosmic scope of the horror hits home precisely because of Aronofsky’s restraint in ever actually visualizing it. In this way, the movie’s low budget becomes the most powerful tool in Aronofsky’s arsenal: it allows him to rely primarily on the power of suggestion.
March 19, 2014
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Clever and creepy as hell, its beat is number magic—the point at which theoretical mathematical calculations become mystical numerology and the secrets of the universe appear ready to unfold in binary code—and its power lies both in Aronofsky’s evocation of tightly wound paranoia and in his flawless dovetailing of personal obsession and cultural anxieties.
July 10, 1998
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At once ingeniously cerebral, playfully twisted, and maniacally headlong.
March 01, 1998
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