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Beoordelingen & Recensies

  1. Yumi Kaioh's rating of the film Ratched

    I don't buy Sharon Stone portraing a character that was clearly made for Jessica Lange

  2. mathuglld's rating of the film Ratched

    sara paulson is the BEST this is a great show as always with ryan murphy

  3. katve's rating of the film Ratched

  4. Sơn Phước's rating of the film Ratched

    Cheap script. Never watch anything from Sarah Paulson. I swear!

  5. Palmat's rating of the film Ratched

    A visually arresting show with great soundtrack, but that´s about it... Why the character Mildred Ratched is here is beyond me. It is a weak excuse to capitalize on a classic book/film to get this show made. The show´s story is not very interesting either to be honest. It is a crime/soap opera with grand guignol elements that would have worked better as a season of AHS. Shame though since the cast is very good.

  6. Julia Picazo's rating of the film Ratched

  7. anabrduarte's rating of the film Ratched

    had so many expectations for this show. what a disappointment. Sarah Paulson still delivers, though

  8. Tiago Cardoso's rating of the film Ratched

    weak plot and even weaker character arcs. sadly it was a disappointment

  9. Nevena Jevtović's rating of the film Ratched

  10. J. R.'s rating of the film Ratched

    There's a lot to be infatuated here.

  11. Cojocariu Claudia's rating of the film Ratched

  12. Claudia Negrea's rating of the film Ratched

    I continued watching this only to see how much worse it can get. It's remarkable how conveniently stupid or deranged the characters can get just for the sake of a weak premise and an unrealistic plot. The unnatural and premature evolution of Mildred's and Gwen's relationship is just one example of rushed narrative decision that places most of the characters in the category of involuntary caricatures.

  13. Miguel A. Reina's rating of the film Ratched

    [Netflix] The reference to Mildred Ratched is an excuse. Or the creators haven't understood the character. In fact, there is no similarity neither argumentatively nor stylistically. As a season of "AHS" it would be correct, even remarkable. Murphy pays homage to Hitchcock with the Doris Day aesthetic, but as usual creates an attractive universe that gets lost in subplots that reveal the weakness of the main plot.

  14. Ulrich JARLØV's rating of the film Ratched

    Ryan Murphy and co. are back on track after "Hollywood" threatened to derail their well-oiled locomotive. A real feast for both the eyes and the ears, as it takes its visual cues from Vertigo (among others) and at least one musical cue from Psycho. The 1940s period feel feels just right throughout. The whole cast is uniformly excellent but Judy Davis is the definite MVP. I'm down for 3 more seasons as teased.