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The Unusual Subjects
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Second Time Around

Segunda Vez

Geregisseerd door Dora García
België, Noorwegen, 2018
Documentaire, Avant-garde
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  • Engels
The Unusual Subjects


Second Time Around is a film and analysis project using the figure of author, critic, artist and psychoanalyst Oscar Masotta (1930-1979) as a trigger to speak about art, politics and psychoanalysis.

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Dora Garcia’s daring film asks what Lacanian-theorist Oscar Masotta’s work from Dirty War-era Argentina tells us about the present. Sharply meshing various forms—performance, text, dramatization—Second Time Around engages with Masotta’s legacy and its context of state-sanctioned terror.

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The beginning establishes the economic and aural stakes of a demanding, Marxist-laden “happening” taking place before our eyes, then suddenly veers into a hypnotic video rendering of the performance’s connections with Argentina’s dictatorial past.
November 02, 2018
It’s a rough-edged and rather oblique movie, though once viewed you feel you have absorbed something crucial and almost tactile.
October 23, 2018
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Through elliptical, recursive editing patterns, Garcia collates an extraordinary range of media, excursive material, and subjects in Masotta’s orbit—Peronism, Lacan, the dematerialization of the art object—but nevertheless retains a rigor and focus that nevertheless refuses to foreclose its seductively tentacular strands and interconnections.
July 26, 2018
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