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Geregisseerd door Vittorio De Sica
Italië, 1946


Two shoeshine boys in postwar Rome save up to buy a horse, but their involvement as dupes in a burglary lands them in juvenile prison where the experience takes a devastating toll on their friendship.

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Shoeshine Geregisseerd door Vittorio De Sica

Prijzen & Festivals

Academy Awards

1948 | Winnaar: Honorary Award

1948 | Genomineerde: Best Writing, Original Screenplay

National Board of Review

1947 | Winnaar: Top Ten Films

New York Film Critics Circle Awards

1947 | 2e plaats: Best Foreign Language Film


Shoeshine is glossed up with a preening score and careful compositions, but the thrust of it — street orphans abused, herded, scrap-fed, manipulated, and punished like stray dogs — is appalling, especially in today’s utopia of pre-K “purposeful play” and child tracking devices. Naturally, the kids, particularly twelve-year-old Rinaldo Smordoni, are artlessly affecting, even if Bicycle Thieves trumped it all for both gritty spontaneity and narrative suction.
September 08, 2015
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