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Songs from the Second Floor

Sånger från andra våningen

Geregisseerd door Roy Andersson
Zweden, Noorwegen, 2000
Komedie, Horror, Science-fiction


In a city, somewhere in the far north, a strange series of events take place: a clerk is made redundant in a degrading manner; a lost immigrant is violently attacked in a busy street; a magician makes an error in his act….

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Songs from the Second Floor Geregisseerd door Roy Andersson
Strangely enough, even though none of the three films is very cheerful, Andersson’s trilogy triggered optimism in my heart and in my mind. What exactly causes that, I don’t know. But I do know that the Swedish director has created a very effective trilogy about us, the living, hearing songs from the second floor all the while we sit on a bench reflecting on existence.
September 11, 2017
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Songs from the Second Floor’s strongest aspect is its extraordinarily precise mise-en-scène, a tribute to Roy Andersson’s perfectionism and sense of comic (and tragic) timing. And while the film bears the mark of a number of cinematic influences (the traffic jam in Fellini’s 8 1/2, the absurdity of Monty Python, the similarly overpowering architecture in Gilliam’s Brazil), Andersson’s film offers a distinctive view of modern unease with restrained sympathy.
July 11, 2004
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The most highly acclaimed Swedish art film in recent memory, Roy Andersson’s supremely crafted, millennium-pegged Songs From the Second Floor harks back to the glory days of Scando-spiritual anguish, but with a difference. This is slapstick Ingmar Bergman—wacky yet depressing, like the performance of onetime Bergman stalwart Max Von Sydow in Minority Report.
July 02, 2002
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