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Spirits of the Dead

Histoires extraordinaires

Frankrijk, Italië, 1968
Horror, Anthologie


All three segments are based on stories written by Edgar Allan Poe. Roger Vadim, Louis Malle, and Federico Fellini direct Jane and Peter Fonda, Brigitte Bardot, Alain Delon, and Terence Stamp in three stories of souls tormented by their own phantasmal visions of guilt, lust, and greed.

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Spirits of the Dead Geregisseerd door Federico Fellini, Louis Malle, Roger Vadim


It’s so much more a producer’s package than a director’s dream that the individual ingredients deserve more attention than the total concoction. Take three anomalous stories by Edgar Allan Poe… add meaty chunks of Jane Fonda, Peter Fonda, Alain Delon, Brigitte Bardot, and Terence Stamp), and whip with Roger Vadim, Louis Malle, and Federico Fellini. If this artistic recipe results merely in a kind of Gothic goulash, who really cares?
September 11, 1969
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