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The Crossing

过春天 Guo Chun Tian

Geregisseerd door BAI Xue
China, 2018
Drama, Misdaad


Bai Xue’s debut film is set in the transit zone dividing the two metropolises: Hong Kong and Shenzhen. With the promises of modern life before her and smuggled goods in her backpack, 16-year-old Peipei takes the risky step into independence.

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The Crossing Geregisseerd door BAI Xue

Prijzen & Festivals

Toronto International Film Festival

2018 | Eervolle Vermelding: NETPAC Award

Asia Pacific Screen Awards

2019 | Genomineerde: Best Youth Feature Film

Asian Film Awards

2019 | 2 nominaties waaronder: Best New Director

A slow-burning character study, Bai takes her time establishing Peipei’s world, teasing out the complications of her home life and family history, building her sense of isolation from her parents and her wealthier peers, such that her bad decisions (like joining a criminal gang) seem almost a reasonable escape.
June 28, 2019
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Bolstered by a sophisticated technical polish and audacious tonal shifts—from dynamic handheld shots in Hong Kong to mannered static compositions in Shenzhen—the film’s construction reflects its protagonist’s bifurcated existence in her external domains and emotional states.
September 24, 2018
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The story sounds facetious on paper, but Bai plays it straight and guides the teen performances away from archetype and toward psychological specificity.
September 17, 2018
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