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The Exterminating Angel

El ángel exterminador

Geregisseerd door Luis Buñuel
Mexico, 1962
Komedie, Drama, Fantasie


A formal dinner party starts out normally enough. After the bourgeois group retire to the host’s music room, they inexplicably find themselves unable to leave. Hours pass and then days, and as the time plods by, disturbing changes in the formerly-genteel guests occur.

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The Exterminating Angel Geregisseerd door Luis Buñuel
Buñuel’s work is very important to me because it made me understand how far you can go with imagination and still be so close to reality. For me, The Exterminating Angel is so real—maybe Buñuel wouldn’t be happy to hear me say that because he’s not famous for his realism. But even if it’s a surrealistic parable, I’ve been so many places where I felt like I was living inside the feeling of this movie.
December 03, 2018
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This dreamlike fable about the complacency of the wealthy elite is as funny and frightening as any other film in his oeuvre, and features one of his all-time greatest endings.
November 02, 2018
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Buñuel’s refusal to explain how or why the guests cannot leave the room is The Exterminating Angel’s biggest coup. Just as Buñuel attacks social convention through satire, so does he attack cinematic convention through surrealism. It’s that audacity of invention and imagination that makes Buñuel’s films as stylistically radical as they are socially radical, and as ineffable and miraculous as they are caustic.
June 17, 2017
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