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The Heart of the World

Geregisseerd door Guy Maddin
Canada, 2000
Korte film, Avant-garde, Science-fiction


It is both a spoof and a loving recreation of Soviet silent film. It is also an inventive movie in its own right. It is so full of images, one rapidly following the other in montage style, that it feels like it has the imagery and storytelling of a much longer movie.

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The Heart of the World Geregisseerd door Guy Maddin


A nicely acted TV film that takes its time, but is never half as dull as one feels it easily could be, it quietly etches out a critical portrait of a dutiful Yorkshire gamekeeper. The contradictions in his social position that gradually emerge – his fanatical concern for his boss’s property and domain, and the relatively uncertain grasp he maintains over his own (family and home included) – is neither forced nor strident, but lingers afterward like a slightly bitter aftertaste.
September 17, 1980
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