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The Lady Without Camelias

La signora senza camelie

Geregisseerd door Michelangelo Antonioni
Frankrijk, Italië, 1953


A small movie role for shopclerk Clara (Lucia Bosé) develops into a full-blown career as a screen siren. Tension erupts when her husband can no longer tolerate watching her frivolous cinema escapades, and pushes her into a “serious, artistic” production of the life of Joan of Arc.

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The Lady Without Camelias Geregisseerd door Michelangelo Antonioni


If it lacks the final fusion of purposes characterizing a masterwork, La Signora Senza Camelie is nevertheless so unmistakably and remarkably that work of a master that one is shocked to discover the rather cursory critical treatment is has generally been accorded.
May 01, 1975
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