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The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea

Το Θαύμα της Θάλασσας των Σαργασσών | To thávma tis thálassas ton Sargassón

Geregisseerd door Syllas Tzoumerkas
Griekenland, Duitsland, 2019
Thriller, Misdaad, Drama


In a small Greek town, two women live solitary lives. Elisabeth is an ex-policewoman forced to relocate from Athens, while Rita is the mysterious sister of a lounge singer in the local disco. When a sudden death upsets the local community, their respective paths begin drifting towards each other.

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The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea Geregisseerd door Syllas Tzoumerkas


A drumbeat of anxiety and impending violence thuds insistently from this opaque, disquieting spectacle from Greek film-maker Syllas Tzoumerkas.
February 09, 2019
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Tzoumerkas’s follow-up confirms that he’s a director of some brilliance and daring.
February 09, 2019
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