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The Moon-Spinners

Geregisseerd door James Neilson
Verenigd Koninkrijk, Verenigde Staten, 1964
Romantiek, Familie, Mysterie


When Nikki Ferris and her aunt planned a trip to a small Greek island, they never expected to suddenly find themselves accused of being international jewel thieves. Now, they must uncover the identity of the real crook.

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The Moon-Spinners Geregisseerd door James Neilson

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  • Jason's rating of the film The Moon-Spinners

    A kind of pure Hayley Mills vehicle produced under the direct oversight of Walt Disney, THE MOON-SPINNERS is certainly product, packaged mass entertainment, but is also a sort of weird-ass kiddie KEY LARGO. Though not set in Key Largo. Greece. Local colour, character performances. Though Eli Wallach is predictably divine, the real joy is the untouchably great Pola Negri in her final role (complete w/ pet cheetah).

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