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The Sheltering Sky

Geregisseerd door Bernardo Bertolucci
Verenigd Koninkrijk, Italië, 1990


The Sheltering Sky is a scenic adaptation of Paul Bowles’ existential novel about an American couple (Debra Winger and John Malkovich), traveling through North Africa in hopes of rekindling their long-strained marriage, only to find further alienation in their post-colonial dalliances.

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The Sheltering Sky Geregisseerd door Bernardo Bertolucci

Prijzen & Festivals

BAFTA Awards

1991 | Winnaar: Best Cinematography

1991 | Genomineerde: Best Production Design

Golden Globes (USA)

1991 | Winnaar: Best Original Score - Motion Picture

1991 | Genomineerde: Best Director - Motion Picture

New York Film Critics Circle Awards

1990 | Winnaar: Best Cinematographer

1990 | 2e plaats: Best Director

Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards

1990 | Winnaar: Best Music

1990 | 2e plaats: Best Cinematography


While it is a film full of mysteries, the central mystery for me is why Bertolucci made it. That mystery, alas, tends to supersede all the others… I don’t mean to suggest that The Sheltering Sky is a movie devoid of serious meaning and interest. On the contrary, it’s probably Bertolucci’s most erotic and sensual movie since Last Tango in Paris, shot so gorgeously by Vittorio Storaro that it’s worth seeing for its views of deserts, markets, and North African alleys alone.
January 25, 1991
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