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Beoordelingen & Recensies

  1. aurkihnowe's rating of the film The Stand

    It's got Kareem Abdul Jabbar holding a doomsday sign! Yeah that's the best few the book (forgive me, litsnobs!) if you want the story exposited well....

  2. Bob's rating of the film The Stand

    Epic source material is turned into a 6 hours long epic with not so much epic budget. It feels dry, special effects are cheap but, the casting and the plot ensure this as an engaging experience. It also has the best use of "Don't Fear The Reaper" probably since the original "Halloween" and the best use of "Don't Dream It's Over" probably since, well, forever. With current state of TV shows, a remake would be welcomed

  3. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The Stand

    Stephen King's epic plague-Armageddon evil-against-good horror soap is extremely faithful to the book even if has some over-the-top scenes, especially by Matt Frewer. It is a production that looks good, especially during it's first episode when the plague hits U.S. and we get to see a lot of bodies and an abandoned New York and the ensemble is impressive. The ending is plagued with the same problems as in the book.

  4. Tlr Creme Org's rating of the film The Stand

    A great example of something, but I forgot what. In any case it's better than all the other crybabies think. Please refrain from "the book was better comments" cause it wasn't, it's Stephen King for C's sake. Read a real book then go watch a real movie.

  5. lizle's rating of the film The Stand

    This shouldn't have happenned..sad

  6. Drew.'s rating of the film The Stand

    Easily my favorite book as a kid. Is the movie worth watching?

  7. Sean's rating of the film The Stand

    so dissapointet, should never have been made into a TV mini series.

  8. de-la-espicha's rating of the film The Stand

    This did not do the book justice at all!

  9. Subterranean Cinema's rating of the film The Stand

    One of my very favorite fiction books of all time was turned into one of the worst film adaptions of all time, a watered down TV movie that is so sanctimonious that it could have been produced for the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Apparently there are plans to create a new theatrical version, and I hope they do it right this time. Rule #1 of a Stephen King film adaption: keep King as far away from it as possible.

  10. Scout Tafoya's rating of the film The Stand

    Dull as shit, goofy as hell.

  11. Roscoe's rating of the film The Stand

  12. Louise_Dietrich's rating of the film The Stand

    I am almost done with the book. I saw the movie when I was about 10 and I loved it... but I was 10. I am curious to see how much they strayed from the book.