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We Are the Best!

Vi är bäst!

Geregisseerd door Lukas Moodysson
Zweden, 2013


The thirteen-year-old seventh graders Bobo, with an attitude and Lennon specs, and Klara, sporting a mohawk, form a garage band even though they can’t play an instrument. So they recruit the shy devout Christian, Hedvig, join them because she plays classical music on the guitar.

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We Are the Best! Geregisseerd door Lukas Moodysson
Moodysson’s handheld camera is keenly attuned to the energy of the young leads. It fidgets with excitement when the girls add a new line or couplet to their song, and it jerks in time with their discomfort around others. The use of snap-zooms and whip-pans aligns the film with post-Office situation comedy, but Moodysson makes the most of that connection, regularly wringing humor from the film.
September 24, 2014
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I’m sympathetic to many aspects of We Are the Best!—the ensemble cast is a small miracle—but even with the best of intentions, it utlimately participates in the ongoing, backward-looking fetishization of yesterday’s tropes of DIY authenticity. At absolute worst, this means re-enactments of the teenaged basement-show experience for LARPing twentysomethings who lacked the intrepidity to experience it the first time around…
June 13, 2014
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It’s a work of self-congratulatory and sentimental escapism for the art-house audience, a sort of “No Sex Yet and a Carefree City” view of growing up. It feeds fantasies of a virtually infinite tolerance, an absence of substantial conflict, a nostalgic take on Scandinavian mellowness that seems to have less to do with the way things actually were than with a Disneyland view of the past.
June 04, 2014
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