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When You Read This Letter

Quand tu liras cette lettre

Geregisseerd door Jean-Pierre Melville
Italië, Frankrijk, 1953


Max, a young mechanic and unrepentant seducer, takes advantage of Denise, who then tries to commit suicide. To make amends, Thérèse requests that Max marry Denise. He pretends to accept, while in fact planning to in turn seduce Thérèse.

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When You Read This Letter Geregisseerd door Jean-Pierre Melville


Contemptuous evaluations are unfortunate, for while When You Read This Letter does stand out from the bulk of Melville’s oeuvre (and it is certainly not the only of his films to do so), there is much to admire in this disregarded early effort, and there’s much to distinguish it as a distinctive film from its own indifferent director.
September 12, 2018
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The moral ambiguities that animate the film’s last act are less intriguing than the world it depicts on the way to an overwrought climax.
September 11, 2018
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Quand tu liras cette lettre should not be read as “sensible” or entirely impersonal. The film, if anything, illustrates Melville’s early interest in existentialism and Hollywood genre tropes and styles with its fusion of film noir elements within the melodrama. Quand tu liras cette lettre’s dark cinematic style is displayed vividly in the film’s opening sequence…
April 01, 2015
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