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White Dog

Geregisseerd door Samuel Fuller
Verenigde Staten, 1982
Drama, Horror, Thriller


Kristy McNichol stars as a young actress who adopts a lost German shepherd, only to discover through a series of horrifying incidents that the dog has been trained to attack black people. White Dog is Samuel Fuller’s throat-grabbing exposé on American racism.

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White Dog Geregisseerd door Samuel Fuller
Movies about relationships between dogs and humans are almost always founded on mutual sympathy; here, it’s subverted into mutual fear, with Keys as just one man, but the dog as an idea. Boosted by a gloomy Ennio Morricone score and the kind of off-kilter details that always defined Fuller’s style, White Dog remains sobering and, at times, troubling—Fuller’s last great film, before a final decade spent making baroque pulp pastiches and TV movies on French money.
August 07, 2015
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It is a Frankenstein tale. Fuller had little money and less time (a production strike was fast approaching), and “White Dog” is a rough piece of work, full of editing room shortcuts. At the same time, the set pieces speak volumes.
December 16, 2008
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Famously suppressed in America, White Dog, Samuel Fuller’s uncompromising, poignant examination of racism, was deemed too incendiary for a sensitive public and too unmarketable for a studio seeking “Jaws on Paws”. . . Restored and presented in its uncut original version, this is an inspired accomplishment by one of our greatest pulp philosophers.
December 03, 2008
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